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We have vetted & partnered with key organizations that offer great resources to help impact both teaching & learning in multiple areas in Texas Classrooms. Please contact us to learn more, or if you would like a quote, sample, or demo of the resources listed below. Visit us often as our partnerships may grow... 


Mastery Education

We've created innovative TEKS-based Measuring Up resources to help educators make a difference with students. Measuring Up supplemental programs are designed to work either together or apart to provide a flexible plan for results-driven assessment, instruction, and practice in PRINT & DIGITAL formats. Measuring Up engages curiosity, inspires confidence and empowers learning.

Measuring Up to TEKS

Measuring Up to TEKS & End of Course

Comprehensive Instruction to
prepare all students for the
rigorous demands of STAAR/EOC. Lessons explain the TEKS & provide guided instruction, independent practice, & assessment.

Measuring Up EXPRESS

Measuring Up Express (Math/ELA/Sci)

Measuring Up Express targets lessons on all tested TEKS through short
& direct instruction. It's a perfect "just-in-time" review at tested grades. Great for tutorials , intervention, & summer school.


NEW! Measuring Up Foundations (2021)

Students must be able to perform at level if they are to succeed in TEKS Mastery in Math, Reading Skills, & Reading Comprehension. Foundations is designed to help students develop key skills to give students opportunity to succeed & bridge the gap to leveled performance.

Measuring Up INSIGHT

Insight Online Assessments

Measuring Up Insight is a powerful yet flexible assessment platform that allows educators to customize and provide online TEKS-aligned assessments. It can work with MyQuest & prescribe lessons based upon assessment performance.

Measuring Up MyQuest

MyQuest TEKS-based Practice

Measuring Up MyQuest is a dynamic, adaptive program that provides TEKS-based practice customized to each
student’s level that offers corrective feedback & scaffold support. It is available in Math, Reading, & Science.

Measuring Up Insight Item Bank

Insight Item Bank (Math/ELA/Sci/SS 8)

We offer a TEKS-based item bank to teachers as a campus site-license that allows teachers to create, download (PDF/Word), & print assessments for use on campus. Item banks are available in Eng & Span - Reading, Math, Sci, & SS 8.

Presentation @ EBSC - ESC 1 - 5/24/22

Making formative assessments as easy as A-B-C...

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