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We have vetted & partnered with key organizations that offer great resources to help impact both teaching & learning in multiple areas in Texas Classrooms. Please contact us to learn more, or if you would like a quote, sample, or demo of the resources listed below. Visit us often as our partnerships may grow... 

Mastery Education

We've created innovative TEKS-based Measuring Up resources to help educators make a difference with students. Measuring Up supplemental programs are designed to work either together or apart to provide a flexible plan for results-driven assessment, instruction, and practice in PRINT & DIGITAL formats. Measuring Up engages curiosity, inspires confidence and empowers learning.

Measuring Up to TEKS

Measuring Up to TEKS & End of Course

Comprehensive Instruction to
prepare all students for the
rigorous demands of STAAR/EOC. Lessons explain the TEKS & provide guided instruction, independent practice, & assessment.

Measuring Up EXPRESS

Measuring Up Express (Math/ELA/Sci)

Measuring Up Express targets lessons on all tested TEKS through short
& direct instruction. It's a perfect "just-in-time" review at tested grades. Great for tutorials , intervention, & summer school.


NEW! Measuring Up Foundations (2021)

Students must be able to perform at level if they are to succeed in TEKS Mastery in Math, Reading Skills, & Reading Comprehension. Foundations is designed to help students develop key skills to give students opportunity to succeed & bridge the gap to leveled performance.

Measuring Up INSIGHT

Insight Online Assessments

Measuring Up Insight is a powerful yet flexible assessment platform that allows educators to customize and provide online TEKS-aligned assessments. It can work with MyQuest & prescribe lessons based upon assessment performance.

Measuring Up MyQuest

MyQuest TEKS-based Practice

Measuring Up MyQuest is a dynamic, adaptive program that provides TEKS-based practice customized to each
student’s level that offers corrective feedback & scaffold support. It is available in Math, Reading, & Science.

Measuring Up Insight Item Bank

Insight Item Bank (Math/ELA/Sci/SS 8)

We offer a TEKS-based item bank to teachers as a campus site-license that allows teachers to create, download (PDF/Word), & print assessments for use on campus. Item banks are available in Eng & Span - Reading, Math, Sci, & SS 8.


Zaner-Bloser is an educational-solutions company specializing in delivering explicit instruction and a solid academic foundation for PreK–8 students in reading, writing, spelling, handwriting, & other language arts areas. Our handwriting & spelling resources are approved TEXAS Proclamation 2019 resources & our SuperKids Foundational Skills Kits help address READING ACADEMIES &  HB3.

We Are Literacy!
ZB Handwriting & La Escritura

Handwriting K-5 Texas (Eng & Span)

The Zaner-Bloser method has helped generations of students master manuscript (print) & cursive handwriting skills. Considered the gold standard in instruction, Zaner-Bloser Handwriting & La Escritura address 100% of TEKS & support teachers with a convenient three-step lesson model that can be incorporated into any classroom in about 15 minutes per day.

Spelling Connections - TEXAS

Spelling Connections Texas (Gr 1-6)

Spelling is crucial for developing confident, capable communicators. The most recent TEKS include multiple breakouts at every grade level that require explicit spelling instruction. Spelling Connections © 2020 Texas edition meets 100% of the current TEKS for spelling AND can be incorporated into classroom instruction in a few minutes throughout the day. 

ZB Superkids Foundational Skills Kit

Foundational Skills Kit (Reading Acad)

The Superkids Foundational Skills Kit provides systematic, explicit instruction and practice in the foundational skills students need to be successful readers and writers—print concepts, phonological and phonemic awareness, phonics, and fluency. These skills, along with handwriting, spelling, word analysis, and vocabulary, are taught using the Skills Books. (Supports Reading Academies)

Grammar, Usage, & Mechanics

Grammar, Usage, & Mechanics (Gr 2-8)

Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics © 2021 delivers the fundamental instruction and practice elementary students need to write for success!
Designed for maximum flexibility, the quick, two-page lessons (print) or interactive quests (online) can be used to supplement any language arts curriculum in about 15 minutes per day!

Jump Into Writing

Jump Into Writing (Workshop Approach)

A new student-inspired, teacher-friendly curriculum (Lvl 2-5) that helps teachers apply the everyday skills they’ve already developed as classroom leaders toward establishing a writing workshop in their classrooms.  Regardless of their writing workshop experience, teachers can jump in without feeling like they’re getting in over their heads.

I Read To Write

I Read to Write (Assessment Prep )

Read, Think, & Write across content areas! I Read to Write (Lvl 2-5) is a simple, flexible solution that helps students master the skills needed for close reading and responding to multiple sources on writing assessments.  Flexibility is key! Units can be taught in any order, as concentrated test preparation, or throughout the year.

Word Heroes

Word Heroes Vocabulary (K-2)

Word Heroes is an exciting K–2 literacy program from Dr. Isabel Beck & Dr. Margaret McKeown. Its powerful combination of vocabulary &  comprehension instruction supercharges literacy & language via engaging materials, authentic texts, & consistent active learning routines. Word Heroes contains everything you need to deliver eight power-packed units over 32 weeks.

Word Wisdom

Word Wisdom Vocabulary (3-6)

Word Wisdom is the only vocabulary program that teaches students to unlock word meanings in context, using vocabulary strategies. With these reliable, transferable strategies in hand, your students can discover the meaning of unknown words in anything they read and expand their vocabulary over time. No memorization required!

Pre K - ABC 123 Pre Handwriting

Pre Kinder Handwriting Readiness

ABC 123 Just For Me! takes a fun, playful approach to introducing young students to handwriting instruction. The program builds the readiness skills students need for handwriting in kindergarten and beyond, with letter recognition; print, phonemic, and spatial awareness; and grossmotor, fine-motor, and handwriting skills.

BlueStreak Math

The Future of Fact Fluency for all students is here! 
BlueStreak Math is a cutting edge digital tool that excites and ignites students in developing fast math skills and mastery of fact fluency through a space centered gaming environment. Students will travel through a custom, new age space environment as a space ranger to accomplish their most important mission:
full fact fluency and mastery! Contact me to learn more!

"I feel like a champion!"
-Ian, 3rd Grade, BlueStreak Cadet

  1. Mobile Friendly & 24/7 Access. Anywhere, Anytime - Web based, online platform. Fully responsive for tablet learning. 
  2. One-To-One Math Fact Fluency w/ Differentiated Thinking Strategies - Differentiated for each student. Equal attention for all as students apply conceptual understanding & mathematical knowledge across gaming environment. No separation between learning and play. Full integration.
  3. Modules Available: Schools are provided 5 modules (Decimals being developed) for one low annual subscription. Students can then track progress from where they started. Learn facts. Track mastery after every game round. Guarantee mastery.






Decimals (coming soon)

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